Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today, we had training of "accounting "in our office. We'll have to do again in Thursday.
I am not a professional of accounting, I am an only salesperson. Of course, coworkers is same.
But, our manager says, "Now, salespersons not only must have an ability for sale, but also accounting".

Balance Sheet. Profit & Loss Statement. ROA...

But, I tried it, it was more interesting than I imagined! I'm looking forward to Thursday.
(Others might not be like me...)





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Danilo said...

Good blog! I've an blog with this idea too, but i don't post a lot.. ^^

Ps: i'm the 1st follow!! :D

See ya!

Timothy said...


Today, we had accounting training in our office. We'll have to do it again on Thursday. My co-workers and I are not accounting professionals, just salespeople. However, our manager says, "Now, salespeople must have not only sales knowledge but also accounting knowledge."

Balance sheets, profit and loss satements, ROA...

But I tried it, and it was more interesting than I imagined! I'm looking forward to Thursday (but my co-workers may not be).

CSteward2778 said...

I'm glad you liked accounting, I had it in high school and found it to be very boring. Pretty good english by the way.

I like the idea of your blog. I am American but I do have a guilty pleasure. I watch Naruto episodes in Japanese with english subtitles. I wonder sometimes if the english is the accurate translations. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Maria Helena said...

That was good, you know? Timothy (above) basically corrected everything. I'd only add:

"It was more interesting than I had imagined", for the sake of perfect grammar, but it is completely understandable. Anyways, I'm no native to tell. I'm Brazilian.
Keep up! :)

Anonymous said...

I find your use of English very expressive and enjoyable to read. Although I appreciate that you aim to have perfect grammar - a noble ambition as many native speakers struggle with this - you do communicate in a very nice way :)
PS I am Scottish.

Jacqui at Fibre Dreams said...

Are you for real....you enjoy accounting!!
Maths scares me!! I'm from Liverpool, U.K. and we have our own version of english!!
Your english reads well...and Japanese writing is fab!
By the way going to bed t eating and only hving eer is not good for you!!

Kate said...

Good job!!!

Colby said...

I love your blog. If you don't know, today it is on blogs of note. I've actually have been learning Japanese, but those kanji are hard. Have fun!

elle said...

Timothy did a great job editing. You are so brave to put your English out there to be corrected. It's the best way to learn.

naqiubex said...

I always wanted to learn japanese.. and your blog interest me.. -_'
Cause there is a Subtitles under it..

ps: Hey.. I think my english is a lot more stranger..

Hedge Hog said...

Your English is a lot better than most of the people who's native language is English. Bravo!

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Marie said...

good job keep going but i do have a correction.."i am an only salesperson" should be "i am only a salesperson" keep it up

mrs. anderdaddy said...

you should listen to grammar girlspodcasts, they're very short and very informative. also listening to public radio (npr.org) is a great way to learn

Shawna said...

Today, we had training of "accounting "in our office. We'll have to do again in Thursday.
I am not a professional of accounting, I am an only salesperson. Of course, coworkers is same.
But, our manager says, "Now, salespersons not only must have an ability for sale, but also accounting".

You did a great job, but I think If I rewrote this it would be better if you had made little changes:

Today at the office we trained in accounting. We're going to have to do it again on Thursday. I am not a professional accountant, I am only a salesperson. Then again, so are the rest of my coworkers. But our manager said that salespeople today need to be able to sell as well as do accounting.

I hope this helped! I have a lot of international friends and I always try to help them make their writing a little more natural.

Shawna's Study Abroad

EddieSki said...

I'm an English teacher, I can teach you some English. Haha


Anonymous said...

Your English is PERFECT!

Max said...

My Japanese is not good. I can understand only half of them. For the correction, I would like to be with Helena.
A year ago, a graduate student of U. of Tokyo made a short study visit (three months) in my research group. Her spoken English really impressed me. Did/do I have wrong impression about Japanese accent?

PDXBABA said...

Maybe some of the accountants should learn how to be better salesmen...

Gabriel Kassab said...
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Gabriel Kassab said...

Hi! I'm a brazilian guy.
I saw your blog in somewhere... I don't know.
Well.. The blog's ideia is very nice!
Like you, my english is terrible! So.. it is!

Mollie (aka Mimi) said...

Your English is great! Before long, you'll be perfect at it!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great english ,keep try and fight to be better


whaong said...


Anonymous said...

i admire your courage! i started learning japanese a while ago, but now i feel the motivation to pick it up again! あなたわすごいんだよ。また連絡します。


osman.saftari said...

could you tell me how to pronounce those japanese characters?
i love watching dorama, and all i can hear is just those desu part..

btw, your english is good. at least it's better than mine..

keep writing!!

M.s.s said...

Hi man
i`m millad
i have the same problem as you have(english)
i`ll try too vist your blog every day
by the way i like japan and japaness so much
so try to write from japan for us, of course in enlish

Mama Mima said...

your english is not strange at all! congratulations on the blog of note. keep practicing your english, it will be better before long.
PS i am Indonesian

The villager: said...

You are very brave to be learning English.

I don't think I'd do very well with your language.

Congratulations !

thinktieng said...

I was caught by the blog title and it sounded just like me ^^
Every post that I work on, I use Microsoft words to check for the spelling ^6^ brilliant ei~
But this is impressive, keep up the good work! And I hope I can keep up mine too :)
Everyone is telling, so here is mine : I’m from Malaysia.
and i added you in my following list!

Chinese Language Lesson said...

yes, salespersons need to learn Accounting.

we can also practice our English by blogging. I also do the same when i am learning Chinese language.

Marsha Putri said...

hei, blog walking ! waaaww you're blog is awesome heehee !

artemis said...

Please don't change your English, it's perfect the way it is! I think you will make many English friends if you communicate like this...well done!

balance said...

congratulations!! i can see your ambition and efforts , youe english is good , it will get better with the time that's remarquable because you're learning by yourself , i'm trying to learn german but i'm not doing such a great job.
keep up the good work !!!!

Anonymous said...

I’m new to blogging and have only read a few, but yours has enthralled me. A great use of a blog, a human story, and very interesting. Anyway, here’s my offering of how your piece should read;

Today we had accounting training in our office. We have to do it again on Thursday. I’m not a professional accountant, I’m a salesperson, as are my co-workers. But our manager says, “Now, the salesperson must have an ability not only for selling but for accountancy too.” Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, ROA, etc. I tried it, it was more interesting than I imagined! I'm looking forward to Thursday. (Others might not be...).

Try this useful website too.


Jax said...

What a great idea! I'm an English teacher in Hiroshima, and I think I'll recommend my students to try a blog like yours. Keep up the good work and your English will soon be perfect!

Anonymous said...

I see your mistakes in grammar. Anyway, this is already good, because I oftenly have gramatical errors.
Why don't you take a look to my blog please:

M.J.Y said...

I'm English (born and Bred) and think that what you have wrote is understandable.
It's better than of the British natives written work - keep it up.

If you enjoy reading English, how about trying my blog (doweneedanotherhero.blogspot)

Freya said...

Hey, now this is one different blog. And you are not bad at all. I personally believe that studying makes things slow. The fastest way to master English is to simply read books. Story books, novels etc. I bet you'll become a pro in months.

Dawning Dream said...

This is really cool!
I've always wanted to learn how to speak Japanese so I'm giving it a try too.
Learning how to write it might be a tad bit harder...

But anyways:
Minor errors in use of certain words like "in" instead of "on"
and "is" instead of "are the"

but you really are doing very well!

keromaiséserfeliz said...

olá gotei muito do seu blog

keromaiséserfeliz said...

oi como seu blog é bacana...¬¬

Mimi/Irma said...

I commend you for your creative solution to learning another language.
I find your blog very understandable and quite charming. I enjoy seeing photos of places foreign to me and reading your blog helps me to understand the Japanese culture better. Thanks for reaching out to us through words.

AEZ said...


Thanks for many comments,everybody!

Jen said...
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About Me said...

Trying to learn to write Thai myself.

"Now, salespersons not only must have an ability for sale, but also accounting".

Your english and grammer is good, but the message is unclear. Why would a salesperson need to know accounting? What is the benefit to your employer for providing this training?

Can you post a Balance Sheet in Japanese?