Monday, June 08, 2009

The Evolution of Technology

I think everybody know "robot".
In Japan, we can watch many robot animations. In fact, Japanese boys have grown up watching robot animation. I was so too. (I liked "Gundam" very much!)
By the way, do you know Japan is famous for real robot?

Have you heard the name "ASIMO"? That's made by HONDA. No, he was born in HONDA.
The characteristic of him is "two-footed walking".

This is his site

Meanwhile, in U.S.A., "four-footed walking" robot was developed by Boston Dynamics. The name is "Big Dog".
First of all, watch this movie.

How stable! This is another approach for robot. ASIMO don't have such ability.

"Big Dog" evolved from "Big Dog Beta".
Next, watch this movie.

When I watched this movie, I thought Japan never win against U.S.A.(on humor).
Because, the motion is like really "human beings"! And yet, this is "Beta"!!
I can't believe that...







“ビッグドッグ”は、“ビッグドッグ ベータ”から進化した。


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Clarity said...

It's too real, I found it disturbing. I appreciate the science behind it but it's too animalistic.

Anonymous said...

Check out Uncanny Valley on Wikipedia!

No...! Big Dog Beta is a fake. It is a parody of Big Dog. At 0:39 you can even see the hand of one of the guys.

CatsLoveChoc said...
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CatsLoveChoc said...

I know ASIMO
i can walk and act like him
bigdog beta? i think somethin wrong with their head!

moss said...

Yeah! me too!
I'm a Japanese, and study English.

ASIMO is cool, I think...
CM of Honda is fantastic.
May I come again? sometime.

Dream Senshi said...

I forgot about that video! I love watching robots move, and I think that both ASIMO and the Big Dog have interesting things that make them special. Although, ASIMO would be a lot less creepy to happen upon in a dark room by yourself. :} heehee.

The man said...

I too, think it is very creepy looking ( the real one, lol) but at the same time I have read the article someone else posted in these comments about the uncanny valley.

naqiubex said...

It is like something we see in MEtal Gear Solid..
Totally love them..

About mecha anime..
I like robots in Full Metal Panic!!

HKim said...

I believe that the robot was developed for military action purposes - delivering stuff in harsh environments etc. Hoping that it will be commercialized to make people's life easier rather than accoplishing military mission.

jeniferkarianne said...

I think your English is quite good! Occasionally the only mistake I find is the absence of "a" or "the" in your sentences.

I loved watching the robot move! It's true. ASIMO doesn't have that ability!

thinktieng said...

in this post, your english is "WOW", compare with the last post i visited.
You're the man! good job!

Latricia said...

I love technology

Sardar Law Firm said...

This is great! It's good to see people doing the things they aspire to do. Sardar Law Firm

Rommel B. Dollete said...

Is my english strange? you been honest to your blog, and it doesn't hurt to say... i guess everyone has a chance to improve. and i admire your dedication in learning.

good luck and live your blog.

Brendan_Doig said...

Did anyone else want the robot to kick the guys ass?

AEZ. Gundam is awesome.

GrimeGeeza said...

That dog robot was crazy, cool video.

Your English is good. It's understandable but it's strange in a distinctively Japanese way. Plus your grammar and spelling is better than your average English speaker.

Farishta said...

I saw your blog on blogs of note. Your dedication in learning what you wanted to is really admirable. Keep up the good work :) Wishing you all the best. And yes, you definitely have a good grasp on the language. May God bless! :)

momon.c. said...

hey, where do u live right now ??

Amelia said...

It's great you want to learn English. Try using Microsoft Word, it can help you with simple grammar mistakes. YouTube has helpful Japanese/English videos as well. Practice makes perfect, so speak English everyday!
Keep it up, you're on your way. :)

P.S. Congratulations on Blogs of Note!

M.s.s said...

Do you know what did you do with me???
you have me to continue your way and strat writing a new blog in english to improve my english
Thank you so much :)

K@i said...

anime,,i prefer naruto bleach and one piece

blorange dice said...

Wow, love your blog!! I work with international students at my college, and I just find it so amazing how quickly some of them are learning to speak english. People like you, who are teaching themselves extra skills on their own, are held in my utmost respect. Way to go!! (:

Oh, and these are small mistakes, but just a couple things you could change in the future:
1. I think everybody know "robot"
--and an "s" to the end of "know" (this is because everybody is often considered a singular pronun grammatically). Also, you might want to specify by sayings something like, "everybody knows what the word "robot" means." or "everybody knows what "robots" are."
2. I was so too
-- maybe say "I was like that too" or "I was one of those boys"
3. By the way, do you know Japan is famous for real robot?
-- make "robot" plural (add an "s" to the end)

Again, these are tiny, tiny mistakes! Everything you say makes sense (:

sachinprasadoz said...

Your english is fine. The message is presented clearly and can be understood. Visit my blog when you get a chance...

The Story Teller said...

hey AEZ..I'm on my effort to improve my english too (especially in adding new vocab and the grammar)..we're all the same..can't stop learning with the new things..hoping that you will succeed..^_^ keep up the gud work..

Marco Crupi said...

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I insert your blog to my favorite blogs ;)

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HearT_bReaK said...

Hi AEZ!!!

I just saw your blog on blogs of notes and I strongly support your effort in improving your english. Nice work..

I will try to help as much as I can as my english is not that good...Let's work together and improve together...

By the way, nice meeting you. Just wanted to announce that i am your new follower of your blog and i am from Malaysia.

Last advice from me...


Ms. Kathy said...

My nephew also liked Gudam Wing very much! He used to talk about it all the time when he was about five or six.

When I saw ASIMO on the news I said, "Wow! That's amazing!" When I saw Big Dog I said, "Wow! That's amazing, too! But it looks like a scary, giant fly without wings. If I saw that thing coming too close, I would kick, too and run the other way!"

When I saw Big Dog Beta, I said," HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Then I fell to the floor until I could catch my breath. I laughed my socks off.

Thanks for the good laugh. {:^D}