Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Truth of Senkaku Islands

I'm angry. And a lot of Japanese is also angry like me.In my latest post, I wrote the incident that a Chinese fishing boat bumped against Japan Coast Guard's ship. But! The Chinese government kept insisting "Japan is WRONG, because Japanese ship bumped against Chinese boat".

OK. Watch these pics. You can understand TRUTH.


By the way, these pics are captured from VIDEO on "YouTube".
Japanese government don't make it public. Well, why were the video uploaded on YouTube? It's that there is the MAN fights for the justice. We say "He is a HERO".
Japanese government is unreliable, because they are the LEFTIST. They think China is most important country for Japan. So, they can't say "China is wrong".

But, We don't think so. We think China is EVIL for the world. We say "China is WRONG".

If you watch this video, you can understand it.







Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Difference of Two Countries in Asia

Hi,guys. Long time no see you.I have NOT stopped writing yet.
Today, I want to post about the difference of Japan and China.

At September 9, an incident happened in The Senkaku Islands area of Japanese territory. A Chinese fishing boat that took illegal fishing bumped against the patrol boat of Japan Coast Guard. At the result, Chinese crew were arrested. But...

After that, CRAZY CHINA has FUCKIN' insistence that The Senkaku Islands are HIS territory protested strongly about this act. And China put various pressures to Japan; embargo of the rare earth, cancellation of trips to Japan, stopping of cultural exchanges, and CUSTODY of JAPANESE CIVILIAN in China.

At September 24, Our FUCKIN' GOVERNMENT of The Democratic Party of Japan decided discharge of the Chinese captain. (Other crew were discharged before this decision)
Our government said "There is no political intervention about this judgment". But ALMOST JAPANESE didn't believe it.
Japan bowed to Chinese pressure after all...

At October 16, yesterday, many people held a street demonstration against CHINESE TYRANNY in Tokyo. I heard about 3,000 PEOPLE took part in this demonstration.
There is a mom with stroller in this demonstration.

against_japanBy the way, demonstrations against Japan happened at 3 cities in China at same day. I heard it's VERY VIOLENT, Japanese restaurant and Japanese supermarket were attacked, and windows were crashed by them.

I think, no, no, no... many Japanese think Chinese have a LOW STANDARD of LIVING. And we think we can NEVER BELIEVE them.

Do you think about?

The Basic View on the Sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands
From 1885 on, surveys of the Senkaku Islandss had been thoroughly made by the Government of Japan through the agencies of Okinawa Prefecture and by way of other methods. Through these surveys, it was confirmed that the Senkaku Islands had been uninhabited and showed no trace of having been under the control of China. Based on this confirmation, the Government of Japan made a Cabinet Decision on 14 January 1895 to erect a marker on the Islands to formally incorporate the Senkaku Islands into the territory of Japan.

Since then, the Senkaku Islands have continuously remained as an integral part of the Nansei Shoto Islands which are the territory of Japan. These islands were neither part of Taiwan nor part of the Pescadores Islands which were ceded to Japan from the Qing Dynasty of China in accordance with Article II of the Treaty of Shimonoseki which came into effect in May of 1895.

Accordingly, the Senkaku Islands are not included in the territory which Japan renounced under Article II of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. The Senkaku Islands have been placed under the administration of the United States of America as part of the Nansei Shoto Islands, in accordance with Article III of the said treaty, and are included in the area, the administrative rights over which were reverted to Japan in accordance with the Agreement Between Japan and the United States of America Concerning the Ryukyu Islands and the Daito Islands signed on 17 June 1971. The facts outlined herein clearly indicate the status of the Senkaku Islands being part of the territory of Japan.

The fact that China expressed no objection to the status of the Islands being under the administration of the United States under Article III of the San Francisco Peace Treaty clearly indicates that China did not consider the Senkaku Islands as part of Taiwan. It was not until the latter half of 1970, when the question of the development of petroleum resources on the continental shelf of the East China Sea came to the surface, that the Government of China and Taiwan authorities began to raise questions regarding the Senkaku Islands.

Furthermore, none of the points raised by the Government of China as "historic, geographic or geological" evidence provide valid grounds, in light of international law, to support China's arguments regarding the Senkaku Islands.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Stroke of Samurai Sword

We did it!

The World Cup started in South Africa. Japan is one of the team in Group E. Everybody thought Japan is the most lowest ability team in this group. Many Japanese also thought same thing.

But, but, but... Japan beat Cameroon at first game against all expectations!!
In fact, I had a hunch that Japan will win before the game starts. Because I felt there is no unity among Cameroon. And my hunch was right!

Our hero is Keisuke Honda has played soccer in Russia. He will become a savor for Japan. Watch this movie! This is Honda!


Next game is against Holland. Holland is stronger than Cameroon. But I believe Japan's victory. Because Honda had played in Holland before Russia. He knows Holland well. He will surely get goals again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"HAYABUSA" Back To The Earth

Do you notice Google's logo changes?

This is "HAYABUSA", a probe of Japan.

Outline of HAYABUSA

Asteroids are thought to be celestial bodies that preserve information from the time of the Solar System's formation. If we collect a sample from an asteroid and bring it back to Earth to carry out precise research on it, we can gain some
precious clues to understand the origin and evolution of the Solar System.

Bringing back a sample from a celestial body in the Solar System is called "Sample Return." "HAYABUSA" is a probe to verify the practicality of acquired technology developed to archive future full-scale "sample return missions."

"HAYABUSA' was launched aboard the M-V Launch Vehicle on May 9,2003. It was accelerated by a swing-by of the Earth in May 2004 and reached its target Asteroid Itokawa on September 12,2005, after traveling about 2 billion kilometers. in September and October that year, "HAYABUSA" completed the most remote-sensing and measurement of the geometry of Itokawa and made two landings in November to collect a sample from Itakawa.

Many many accidents attacked "HAYABUSA" during voyage, but a lot of efforts and ideas of stuffs help him. And "HAYABUSA" completely responded to their requests. It's just a miracle.

His voyage finishes tonight.
He drops a capsule on the earth, and after that, he burns out in the atmosphere.
This thought is quite Japanese way, many Japanese feel "HAYABUSA" got a soul.
So, we'll say to him, "Welcome home, you're a really big guy!".

We never forget you, HAYABUSA.

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

HAYABUSA -The Final Approach-

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Depression of Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. There are many customs for Valentine's Day in the world, of course, Japan has an original custom. It is very very sweet.

In Japan, woman tells man her affection with chocolate at Valentine's Day. So Japanese women buy expensive chocolate at celebrated shop, or make original chocolate by themselves at home before Valentine's Day. Therefore, every dental clinic is full of good-looking guys after Valentine's day in Japan.

And there is an another strange custom about Valentine's Day. It is "GIRI CHOCO" system.
"GIRI" means duty or obligation, but I can't explain the essence. "GIRI" is one of Japanese original concept.
"GIRI CHOCO" system is that women give chocolate to men who are mere friends, co-workers or classmates. This system helps many many lonely men. Of course, I will be also helped this system in this year...

Is there a woman who gives me chocolate, not "GIRI"?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Rye Will Stay in My Soul Forever

I was shocked by one news.

It's J.D.Salinger's death. Because, my most loved novel is "The Catcher in the Rye".
When I read "The Catcher in the Rye" first, I was a high school student. It's about 25 years ago.
But, I'll never forget the impact, impression and sympathy for "Holden".
In fact, I read his story for many times. Of course, I'll read it for many times after this.

I think Holden may be Salinger. Or, Salinger may be Holden?

May his soul rest in peace.






Friday, January 01, 2010


Good by 2009 and welcome 2010!

"Akeome" is the informal greeting at New Year's Day in Japan and it means "Happy New Year". We have the custom of sending New Year's cards said "Nengajo" at New Year's Day.

Exactly I'd send it. And this is my Nengajo.

Wow! That's so simple! Ha ha...
2010 is the year of the Tiger, so I used three colors symbolize the tiger: yellow, black and white.

2009 was the unforgettable year for me. How about 2009 for you?
I wish you a lot of happiness in 2010.