Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Depression of Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. There are many customs for Valentine's Day in the world, of course, Japan has an original custom. It is very very sweet.

In Japan, woman tells man her affection with chocolate at Valentine's Day. So Japanese women buy expensive chocolate at celebrated shop, or make original chocolate by themselves at home before Valentine's Day. Therefore, every dental clinic is full of good-looking guys after Valentine's day in Japan.

And there is an another strange custom about Valentine's Day. It is "GIRI CHOCO" system.
"GIRI" means duty or obligation, but I can't explain the essence. "GIRI" is one of Japanese original concept.
"GIRI CHOCO" system is that women give chocolate to men who are mere friends, co-workers or classmates. This system helps many many lonely men. Of course, I will be also helped this system in this year...

Is there a woman who gives me chocolate, not "GIRI"?