Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Stroke of Samurai Sword

We did it!

The World Cup started in South Africa. Japan is one of the team in Group E. Everybody thought Japan is the most lowest ability team in this group. Many Japanese also thought same thing.

But, but, but... Japan beat Cameroon at first game against all expectations!!
In fact, I had a hunch that Japan will win before the game starts. Because I felt there is no unity among Cameroon. And my hunch was right!

Our hero is Keisuke Honda has played soccer in Russia. He will become a savor for Japan. Watch this movie! This is Honda!


Next game is against Holland. Holland is stronger than Cameroon. But I believe Japan's victory. Because Honda had played in Holland before Russia. He knows Holland well. He will surely get goals again.


Bakkanekko said...

Yea, but they play good though :)

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Dual said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am French and you're probably more talented than me in English language! Through Dual I found your blog which I find very good, congratulations. I will come back to read with pleasure!
Bye Mahon

Anonymous said...

Japan today is a great footballing nation! I was surprised to see how much they were good and we felt a real team! Whereas with us it's almost anything! At the next World Cup I will be with you but after my team of course ... Bye Mahon


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Tulip said...

While I'm not much of a soccer fan, I actually enjoyed the matches. I must say that we really showed the world that we aren't as backwards as they make us out to be. Durban is still the friendliest city in South Africa.

RSA Certificate said...

I'm so sad they didn't make it this year :( maybe next World Cup!

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