Monday, June 22, 2009

The Answer

Thank you for your early correct answer, Anonymous. Yes, the doctor is the boy's mother.
When I watched your comment, I felt to give up posting today.

Joking apart, when I read this story before, I felt ashamed of myself a little.
Because I was became aware of my own prejudice, preconception or gender bias.

After reading this story, how did you feel about, and what did you think about?






~LW~ said...

i've heard about this question quite a long time before. and honestly i'm quite surprised by your response like having some sort of self-rediscovery from a just-for-fun question...

good on you

Leo from Hong Kong

Dr S. said...

I've left my thoughts at the end of the original "my son" post. However, you should not be ashamed at all. You have grown up in a completely different culture with your own set of well-known urban legends and stories. I find it refreshing that you are so enamoured with the new stories and legends you hear about. Never lose your enthusiasm and sense of wonder! I've said it before, but English is the most difficult language to learn as it is a mish-mash of many different languages, and , the grammatical rules don't always apply one hundred percent of the time.

Good luck with your blog!

Bella_182 said...

wow at least someone got it

I'm glad ^_^

RafaRR said...

Great blog here is a coorection.
I felt ashamed of myself a little.
coorect: I felt a little ashamed of myself.

Visit mine, is full of grammar mistakes but I hope you´ll like it.

gb said...

Another good post. Where you say 'Because I was became aware...', it would read more naturally if you wrote 'Because I became...' or, if you want a more passive tone, 'I had become aware...'.

Keep up the good work.

Kristy said...

Here is one correction.

"When I saw your comment" instead of "When I watched your comment" because you aren't watching Anonymous leaving their comment whereas you can watch something on TV happening. You would use the verb "see" when you first see something or reflecting on what you saw. For example, "I first saw the statue of liberty..." or "I saw this movie..."

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Hey don't feel ashamed prejudice is learned from your environment.

It can be unlearned too.

Everybody has prejudice about something. It only becomes a problem when it causes you to act negativly towards others.

. ana (: said...

Hello, i was reading your blog and i liked so much !
well, i don't know speak and write english very well but i will follow you
good lucky ! (:
your blog is so good !

CC said...

i share your prejudice, misconceptions and i'm female. This is very bad!!! Love your blog and I think your English sounds cute :)

Peevish said...

"I felt ashamed of myself a little" is perfectly appropriate.