Saturday, June 27, 2009

One one!

The dog has been one of the most nearest animals for human beings. I also had haven a dog in my childhood.
By the way, do you know how does the dog bark in Japan.
Today, I want to explain you it using English word has the most nearest SOUND.

We hear the bark of dog like this.
It is "One one!"
It really sounds like "One one".

Then, the cat?
It is "Near near!"
Actually, it sounds like "Nyaa nyaa".

The last, the chicken. It was hard to think this.
It is "Coke echo call!"
Actually, it sounds like "Koke kockoo".

How do you feel about?
Are our ears strange?
How does the dog bark in your country?



「One one!」

Near near!」

「Coke echo call!」



jaboopee said...

an irish doy says wuff ruff

Colby said...

In english we would call these an onomatopoeia (On-o-ma-to-pee-ah). Onomatopoeia is a way to give words to sounds. Like a duck. We would say "Quack Quack!" The word "Quack" is an onomatopoeia.

AEZ said...

Oh! Is using "say" OK?

Sure, I know onomatopoeia.
By the way, there is even a sound of snowing in Japan.
The sound is expressed like "Shin shin".

Ize. said...

AAh. so fun ^^ hahahaha
One one???
In brazil is "Au Au"

Near Near is perfect. I never noticied it.

Alec Beattie said...

In Scotland dogs say, "woof woof"

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

In the Philippines, the dog's bark sounds like, "ROUGH-ROUGH" or "RUF RUF."

I never knew dogs bark differently in different parts of the world. Fun! Haha! :D

:) said...

bark bark bark

Pam the Clay Pot said...

I have heard dogs say "rough rough"

Yozhik said...

Little dogs go ruff ruff. Big dogs go woof woof. But my my dog is a hound dog and he just cries a lot. He sounds more like Arrr Roooo.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! I like this post. ^o^
Now, I am just curious..

What is the sound of fish in Japan?

Or does anyone know the sound of a fish?

Kevin Reiner said...

In Indonesia, we say it, "guk guk" for dogs. And when they whine, "kaing". when they growl: "grr". what about hound? "Auuuuuuuuuuuuu."

Do fishes talk? They can only

onomatopoeia is a fun thing to learn :D

©Sherly said...

Oooh~ *w* This is fun~

Like Kevin Reiner said, dogs here in Indonesia bark "gukguk" XD

and cats "meong"

While roosters... "Kukuruyuuuk~"


AEZ said...

Maybe, fish says "Park Park".
It expresses that opens and closes the mouth.

Kevin Reiner said...

pam pararam. fishes are good acapellers then :D

Peevish said...

Arf, arf (dogs in Washington, DC). My computer is moving to Japan tomorrow and I will be three weeks behind it.

The man said...

In Texas, dogs make different sounds. some go Woof woof, others go Arf arf! some go RAR RAR! Cats go Reeow. or "Wow" or sometimes even "Nooo"

bestece said...

Very funny:)In Turkey, dogs bark like "how how!" :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Interesting cat sounds.. When do they go "WOW" or "Nooo"

I could imagine strange things are happening when they say "Nooo"

Sound of Fish:
Park park and pam pararam

hahaha.. pretty impressive! ^-^

Dávid said...

In Hungary dogs bark : Vau, vau! (would be Vow,vow in English)
Here the pigs say röf,röf (Rough,rough:-)

Sarah said...

In my country, dogs balk "haw haw',

Sarah said...

balk = bark

Yodz said...

in the Republic of the Philippines,
Dog Bark sounds like "Aw Aw"
Cat "Meow Meow"
Chicken "Tik ti la ok"

Wow, maybe it's because ear sizes are different in different countries or animals have their own language too based on the country they are in. Ha ha ha.

Bakkanekko said...

In Indonesia,
dog bark sounds like " Guk Guk"
cat "Miaoo Miaoo"
chicken "Kukuruyuk" (you can spell/read it like you read in your language, it's the same :))

My dad told me when he got back from Thailand, he said chicken sounded like "88-8" (eighty eight eight) xD