Friday, June 05, 2009

Is Here My Blog??

Unbelievable! What's happened?

When I opened my blog just now, I felt that I had opened another blog by my mistake.
Because, until yesterday, comment was only one, follower was nothing.
But, now, there are many comments and followers on this blog!

I'm really glad for your comments and followings.
To be frank, when I read your comments, my eyes filled with tears.
In this entry, I want to thank everybody.

Thank you very very very much, and I love you!







Jim McNeely said...

Great concept. I love your site because it allows us to learn a new language as well. Thanks for being creative and willing to share this with the world.

Kate said...

Such a nice message to your readers!

Ronin said...

I have always wanted to learn to speak and read Japanese, but I never had the time to get really fluent with either. Keep going! So far you are doing very well. For the title of this post, you might want to try "Is This My Blog?" instead. Best Wishes

saltyfish said...

I really enjoy your entries - simple, honest, and from the heart. It makes me think again that good writing goes beyond language - it's about how thoughts and feelings are conveyed.

MrQwertiz said...

HAHAHAH Great blog, it is marked as interesting by blogspot. Great job!
Let me do a 'portuguese' translation of your work :D!
contact me if u want to!

Ize. said...

I like japanese language ^^ do you learn english by yourself?
Interesting that you have a blog with many readers.
I'll be back.

mss said...

hi AEZ
i think yor writening is so good and ia don`t know why you say "Is my english strange?"
good luck
and to be sucssesful

Alec Beattie said...

Hello from Scotland. I enjoyed reading your blog - very refreshing. I like beer too. What sort of beer do you have in Japan? Stella Artois, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Hello AEZ,

I'm a English learner too. I like your blog, the design, your straight-from-heart entries, and of course the very idea itself...! Please keep on :)

What's happened?
- Note that it is not a passive voice here (but short form of "has happened" instead). Some people just use this expression without understanding the grammar.

When I opened my blog just now...
- "Opened" seems to be the wrong verb. It sort of means that you started a new blog. Can't think of a better verb right now... maybe "read" or "access"?

comment was only one, follower was nothing.
- You should be referring to the numbers of the comments and followers.

follower was nothing.
- This sentence actually means that followers are unimportant and meaningless (hence, "nothing"). Of course we readers know you don't mean it!

Jill Leá B. N. said...

Hey AEZ, I like your blog, it's plain, simple and seems to be from the heart =)
Keep it up! And congratulations on being the Blog of Note.

CatsLoveChoc said...

Your english is good! Actually,I'm learning to speak and write in english too! hahaha That's y I am interested in ur blog. I hope u can visit my blog and leaves comment...
I really wanna go to japan(I hope u can bring me there haha)

Valerie said...

Hi Aez,

Your blog was noted as one to visit. Congratulations on teaching yourseslf English, that is very admirable. It is not an easy language but then again, neither is Japanese ;-))

I wish you continued success, try reading books in english to see how the flow of language works in writing.

Many blessing being send your way.

Darla Buhler said...

I love your blog! I lived in Hiroshima and taught conversational English for a year way back when I was in college. What memories your English brings back! Keep it up!

obsessive_reader_09 said...

I think your English is coming along really well-I've been trying to learn Japanese, so I can understand how hard it is :)
English is a really hard language, so you are doing amazingly well. I hope your learning goes well!
I wish you luck!

ili aqilah said...

Hi Aez, I'm ili. there is always a room for improvement.
keep on reading more english stuff, you'll improve from time to time.

i wish you luck!

Raven said...

Your English is very good!

naqiubex said...

Ahax... It was listed in blog of notes...

sara said...

You are doing gr8.

Two Flights Down said...

Hello! I like your blog a lot. I'm from America, but I am teaching English in Japan. I am trying to learn Japanese. Let's work hard!


Nick said...

I like your blog alot!!

AEZ said...

Thanks for many comments!
I'm really glad that I started this blog.

Anonymous said...

* Is this my blog?

When I opened my blog, just now, I thought that I had opened someone else’s blog. Because, until yesterday, the comments was only one and there were no followers.
But now it’s many comments and followers in my blog!

I'm really glad for your comments and followings.
Frankly speaking, when I read your comments, my eyes tears up.
In this contribution, I want to thank you!

Thank you very very much. And I love you all! *


Oble said...

Here's my suggestion for you to correct this post:

Is This My Blog?

Unbelievable! What happened?

When I opened my blog just now, I felt that I had opened someone else's blog by mistake.
Because, until yesterday, there was only one comment and there wasn't any followers.
But now, there are so many comments and followers on this blog!

I'm really glad to have your comments and followings.
To be frank, when I read your comments, tears filled my eyes.
In this entry, I want to thank everybody.

Thank you very very very much, and I love you!

I hope this helps, because I'm learning Japanese myself and reading your blog helps a lot!


Freya said...

that's because this is a "blog of note"


Luvsupreme said...

I applaud you (honor and respect you) for wanting to learn something new and even more for actually being brave enough to do it. You inspire me and make me want to do some of the new things that I have been hesitant (afraid) to do. Thank you! Good Luck with your English! Luvsupreme

highschoolteacher said...

Your English is very good. I have seen students progress from well below where you are to fully fluent in a year or so. Of course, that is with immersion. You are doing great with the blog.

Rei said...

I love your blog, It inspires me to keep my blog updated!

taira said...

ghyI think that this is a great blog ijust started mine and i haven't written much yet but if you want to check it out it's it might be boring but i guess it's still cool. oh and you said that your english might be strange well it's not but you do need help with the order of your sentences but keep trying in no time you'll be able to speak english better than any body in america

Taeko said...

Love the title and your style. It has such a positive vibe which makes us want to support you!! Ganbatte ne!

doshimaitri said...

You are really doing a very good job that is to learn English and also u write well. I dont know that whether u have learn it yourself, if not so I would like to suggest u a school which teaches english very well English immersion school is best for you.