Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Gundam Will Stand Up Soon

At first, watch this movie.
Japan had really developed the "GUNDAM" for self-defense.

Well, it's just a joke.
This is a movie that the Gundam is built now at Odaiba, Tokyo. This is full scale and the height reaches 18 meters!
It's a fact that this is one of the projects of 30th anniversary of birth of Gundam. This event will open from 11 July till 31 August.
Humm, that's 30th anniversary. When I first watched the Gundam on TV 30 years ago, I was a junior high school student. It was the most unique, exciting, impressive for me ever to watch animations. And it have not changed until today.

At last, I have only one request to you. Please don't ask me my age.






Kiki said...

Hi AEZ! Nice blog, I like it!
anyway, how old are you? :D

Dialog Blog said...

This is a movie ON the Gundam....

THE full scale and height is 18 meters.

Hmmmm not Hummm

It was the most...impressive SHOW for me to watch that was animated.

THIS HAS not changed until today

only one request FOR you.

(I hope you don't mind me offering advice on your English!! Oh and please delete this comment, I don't want to sound too mean if you leave it on your blog!! But I love it because I love Japan and i want to go someday to visit!!!!)

Paul F. said...

I'll tell what. If there is one country that can build a robot warriors, then I'd say that country would be Japan. I've always been a Voltron fan myself.

EdAlia said...

LOL.. I kept asking "hey, can you move?" By the way, nice blog!!

gaijinhodge said...

Check out my 70's best anime post. Gundam is number #3. 最近俺がバベル二世ばっか見てるけどな~

Hafizuddin / Fizzy / Kishi said...

I'm just passing by and wasting my time scrolling through blog after blog.

Anyway, is that video real? because if it is, OH WOW THAT'S A BIG ONE!

Is there going to be a pilot in it? o.0

By the way I find your blog nice.

Keep up the good work! =)

AEZ said...

I'm always eighteen!

Dialog Blog
Thanks! Your advice is very clear.

AEZ said...

Paul F.
Maybe, we'll develop the Voltron too.

Oh! You are a genius baby!

I like Rodem!

Hafizuddin / Fizzy / Kishi
Yes! It's me!

©Sherly said...

O___O oo~kii~ na Gundam ne >__<

I wanna see but I'm not in Japan Y__Y

Anonymous said...

I'm portuguese and I also don't know how to talk our write English very well :P
You have a really nice blog!

Princesa ("Princesa" it means "Princess" in Portuguese)

Anonymous said...


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Jax said...

sugoi!I might have to go to Tokyo to check this out!

Kaizoku ou. said...

That looks AMAZING!

I'll look forward to the advancement of Gundam technology in the future!

Dex said...

Hi! I really like your blog. I noticed that you just recently started blogging but you already had hundreds of followers! That's amazing! Well, I'm one of them now. lol. Anyway, I'm also improving my English so I guess maybe we can help each other out. Best of luck to both of us.

~LW~ said...

hi AEZ~ nice blog really fill with interesting topics~~ go on!!!

ps. i'm Leo from Hong Kong

Elroy Tee said...

Hey AEZ !! I love your blogging !! Really nice blogging !! I'm also a fancy for gundam since gundam wing !! Oh man... That gundam really cool... So hope that something lyk tis would have built at my city too... haha . So hope that i can go to japan n c it with my own eyes !! Hope Japan built Gundam 00 too ! Haha .