Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do You Know WASABI?

Japanese likes fish for food. In fact, there are many recipes for fish in Japan: broiling, boiling, frying, and raw.
"SASHIMI" is one of the most popular dishes of all. It's that slices raw fish and dishes their up beautifully: tuna, sea bream, cuttlefish, salmon and etc.
We eat it with "SHOYU" and "WASABI". SHOYU is soy sauce and WASABI is Japanese horseradish.
Eating SASHIMI, Japanese can't eat it without both SHOYU and WASABI.

This is SASHIMI.

WASABI on a slice of tuna

Eat with SHOYU.

But, WASABI is very pungent. So, we must be take care to eat it. If you eat a lot of WASABI at the one time, your brain will break!
Watch this movie. I could not watch this without tears.

Lastly, I have one caution for you. Don't eat wasabi by NOSE. Never!





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naqiubex said...

I've tried eating wasabi before and dude... I am feeling really sorry for him...

Christina said...

I love wasabi--in very small doses!

Kevin Reiner said...

//awwwwww that must be ...//

Bella_182 said...

Yea I know all of them

My mum LOVES wasabi.she loves both sushi and wasabi together...idk something must be wrong with me i can't get sushi down

M.s.s said...

i just test it one time with Sushi
After eating i feel my head became burning.
it`s the most hot spicy which i`v ever test.

i`m sure that guy(in video) was absolutely CRAZY!!!

©Sherly said...

There's a band here in Indonesia who covers mostly Japanese songs and the band name is Wasabi :D

gb said...

The English language assumes its speakers are not a very bright lot. For instance, if you just say 'Japanese does something' the average English speaker assumes you are talking about the language even when it is very obvious you are not. Because of this built in assumption 'Japanese' usually is an adjective when talking about something else and needs a noun to indicate what is being modified.

Therefore, the long-winded writer finally said, it would be more natural to say, 'Japanese *people* like to eat fish.'

AEZ said...

Thanks all!
If you haven't eaten sashimi or sushi, try it onece!

Thanks! Your advice is very clear.

Emily S said...

Love sashimi but don't like how sometimes wasabi overwhelms the taste of the fish.

Mmmm sushi. Great, now I'm hungry. Haha

Your English is very nice by the way. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

wau !! i really want to eat wasabi .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Selenium said...

Tell me one thing...

How in the world would I manage to eat Wasabi with my nose???

Did you mean, I'm not suppose to inhale the aroma too much??
Or am I supposed to swallow the sauce + fish, but not try enjoying/feeling the taste too much??

Kelly said...

Wasabi comes in a powdered form. You could sniff it through your nose, but I'm guessing you would end up drowning yourself attempting to remove it, or end up in the ER.

Also, excellent use of the colon! Many English speakers (Myself included) mess that one up.

AEZ said...

Well... I thought that "eating with(or by? I can't choice which word is right.) nose" is just a joke.
I know wasabi is eaten with mouth.
But, on the movie on this post, a man sniffed wasabi powder, so, I wrote "eat by nose".
Sorry, I can't explain well...

Luxlucky said...




Yodz said...

At first I thought it was peanut butter when we ate in a Japanese Restaurant here in the Philippines,
so I take a spoonful of it.
I end up crying.

gaijinhodge said...


Don't forget soumen! I like my soumen dipping sauce with loads of wasabi!

Yozhik said...

Ha ha. Crazy guy snorted wasabi! Awesomely stupid!

BTW, it's japanese (people) like fish, not likes.

A japanese person likes to eat sashimi with wasabi. Americans like sashimi too.

Bakkanekko said...

hahaha... XD that's a funny one.
I've tried wasabi once, but it felt a little bit strange XD I don't really like the smell of it when it gets trough nose, when breathing, if you know what I mean. But I still like plain sushi :D

Anonymous said...

My gosh, the guy is crazy to snort wasabi through his nose! It must have hurt a lot!!

I'm not fond of spicy food, but I enjoy wasabi in small amounts. ^-^