Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Last Game to The World Cup

Japan vs. Australia.

Last night, there was the last game of group A, the Word Cup Asian final qualify.
Australia was strong. In fact, I expected that Japan would lose the game. The result was so.
The first half ended that Japan leaded Australia 1-0.

But, in the second half, Australia got two goals.
Japan was beaten by Cahill as FW. He is one of the greatest strikers in the world. I hope that he is naturalize in Japan!

Anyway, I want to say "Congratulations !" to every Australians. And see you again at the final of the World Cup.

By the way, Kennedy as another FW is too tall. He looked 3 meters!







Nanook said...

Both teams already qualified, so it wasn't really an important game.

Can't wait to see Japan and South Korea in the World Cup.

mss said...

let me to say Congratulation again to you and all of the Japanese
and also to the Australiens. :)
but unfortunatly my team IRAN couldn`t go to the 2010 Worlcup.:(

Anonymous said...

"every Australians"

It should be every Australian.

Selenium said...

You write better English than my Mom... ^^

But however, I'll be frank. There were some grammatical mistakes that I couldn't help but notice... I guess it has become a habit of mine (to notice grammatical mistakes in English) -__-

And it's very easy for you to say that people give you advice if they find some awkward/strange English. But it's awkward/strange for us to correct mistakes on an unknown/stranger website... O_o

Anyways... I like your enthusiasm for learning English on your own. May you succeed in your attempt. You see, I too am (trying) to learn Japanese on my own. Simply because I want to read the original prints of all the latest Manga releases... ^^;;

Ah! I've said to much. I'm sorry to impose like this... but Best of Luck in your attempt to learn English ^__^

The Frugal Fabulous Bride said...


I'm a teacher - I teach English as a second language. I have a lot of experience with this, and I thought I might be able to help!

Can I help with your info section? I'll just try to give you a few pointers and hopefully that will help. Here's what you wrote:

"Hi! I'm AEZ. I'm Japanese. I think that I become to be able to speak,read and write English. So,I started to study English by myself. I write this by English and Japanese. If you find strange parts of my writing, give me advice, please."

The first few lines are very good: "Hi! I'm AEZ. I'm Japanese."

-"I think that I become to be able to speak,read and write English."

"Become" and "to be able" are the same thing. You can't use both together, so you should pick one. But one alone is not enough. It needs another verb before the word "to." "To be able." "To become." Always put another verb first, such as "need" or "want." "Need to be able." "Want to become." These would be the most common uses. In this case, I think what you are trying to say is, "I want to be able to speak, read, and write English," or even better, "I want to learn to speak, etc...."

Also, you don't need to say "I think." You're writing this blog, aren't you? You KNOW you want to learn! =)

-"So,I started to study English by myself."

Very good! But don't forget: always, always, always put a space after a comma: "So, I started...."

-"I write this by English and Japanese."

Good! You write this "in" English and Japanese... not "by". =)

-"If you find strange parts of my writing, give me advice, please."

This is okay, but a bit awkward. You can just change "of" to "in" and that would make it a lot better. Or, maybe: "If you think parts of my writing are strange, please give me advice."

I'm very impressed! My fiance and I are trying to learn Japanese on our own, so I understand how difficult it can be. I hope this helps! Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm an english teacher as well (though it doesn't appear so by my typing, does it?)

I really enjoy your blog.

Charmskool said...
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Charmskool said...

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