Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Huge Pillar

huge pillar
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Actually, I was going to write this entry until yesterday evening. However I could not write. I think you see the reason.

Yesterday, the weather was rain in the morning. It became fine around noon, but it was cloudy and looked like rain again toward evening.

In evening, I was coming back to my office by car. At the top of slope, I saw a huge pillar in the sky.
This photo is the crucial moment. I took this during driving.
(What dangerous! You never do like me)






MB said...

It's a beautiful rainbow!
Be careful driving & taking pictures!

mss said...

hi dear AEZ
i think it`s better to write " the weather was rainY in the morning" add y after rain
another thing is about next sentence i think you must add "the" before evening
at the last i think you mean rainbow instead of pillar!!!
all are just my opinon it can be wrong!!!
best regards mss

Kate said...

How dangerous, indeed! Please be careful while photographing and driving!

AEZ said...

Thanks for your comments.

It's difficult to use "article" and "preposition" for Japanese.

"What" is wrong. "How"! I see.

mindor said...

"Actually, I was going to write this entry until yesterday evening." delete "until"
"I think you see the reason." --> "I think you understand why."

"Yesterday, the weather was rain in the morning." --> "It was rainy yesterday morning."/ "Yesterday morning was rainy"
"It became fine around noon," --> "It was fine at noon"/"It became better at noon"
"but it was cloudy and looked like rain again toward evening." --> "but later it became cloudy and looked like rain again."

"In evening," --> "That evening"
"I was coming back" --> "I came back" (use past tense to be consistent with the rest of the entry)
"At the top of slope, I saw a huge pillar in the sky." (very good!)
"This photo is the crucial moment. I took this during driving." --> "This photo was taken at a critical moment: I was driving."
"(What dangerous! You never do like me)" --> "How dangerous! Don't act like me" / "How dangerous! Don't follow my example."

Yes, please be careful.

Jax said...
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Jax said...

OK, after looking at your Japanese version, here's what I'd write:

Actually I was going to post this yesterday but I couldn't. I think you understand why.

Yesterday morning it was raining.The sun came out around noon, but it got cloudy again and it looked like rain toward evening.
In the evening when I was driving back to work, I suddenly saw this huge pillar of light at the top of the hill I was going up. I took this photo right at the crucial moment - while I was driving! (It was dangerous, so please don't try it!)

I hope you found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

JocelynK said...

u r great.. i deeply respect ur courage on learning...

Eliane Zimmermann said...

hello to Japan from Ireland. I try to write a bilingual blog in German and in English but I have the same problems like you: to speak the English language is far easier than to write it!!! congratulations to your courage to do it anyway and to choose blogging as a way of learning English! and what a funny idea to get help from all over the world!!!!

Kaiserin Sisi said...

Hi, it does not matter that we don't speak or write well in English. What matters most is that YOU actually make an effort to learn & improve your command of the English language. I'm still learning too...

When you wrote "huge pillar" I was trying to figure out what it was that you saw, then I realized it was the "rainbow" :-)

Hidero_Vanny said...

What a beautiful rainbow!!
You're a good photographer!

Dr S. said...

this is awesome

Salman said...

Wow superb keep it up

Salman for blogging tips and hacks.

R.J.L.L.L.(: said...

A couple of mistakes, but you're doing really great!

valentine gore said...

The rainbow is almost mirage like :)

jaffer said...

u impressed us lot by taking a great effort to learn english

Kevin Reiner said...

you're good. as people understand you, you're good.

Kevin Reiner said...

but what's up with pillars and rainbow?

I_am_Tulsa said...

I saw the EXACT SAME rainbow!!!! I took a picture too! What a strange coincidence!
Keep up the blog, this is one of the best ways to learn English! Ganbatte!

smooksberry said...

I found your blog today - how wonderful! You are an inspiration. What a great way to improve your English!

dolly said...

I was very much impressed by the efforts you put forth to improve your english language ..Hats off to you dude ...