Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Son

This is the story I had read on a book before.
After reading, I had to think about myself for a while.

One day, a father and his son were involved in a car accident.
The father was dead at that point, but luckily, the son was alive and carried to a hospital soon.
The hospital that he was carried had a doctor. The doctor was world famous for surgery and an authority.

The operation started immediately.
The doctor looked at child's face, and said...

"Oh... This is my son..."

I give you a question.
What relation is there between this doctor and this child?
The answer will come at tomorrow's post.








mss said...

I guess:
1.The son was also dead after carried to the hospital and his father who dead before, think he is alive.(i mean the father`s spirit)
2. The son had 2 father (Crazy answer)

Anonymous said...

The Doctor is his Mother

themadengineer said...

The doctor's exclamation is "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son!"

Most people in the English speaking countries assume doctors are men, so they miss the obvious conclusion that the doctor is the boy's mother.

AEZ said...

Well...Too fast!

Ize. said...

Ah.. this is really nice!
dãã. it's his mother.. I didn't think about it =P

Very nice!

Freya said...

i know i read it in a book. Lol. I asked this to many people. Only my sister answered it right.

Bella_182 said...

I say it's his mother maybe sorry that's the only thing I can think of

Selenium said...

I don't know about you... but to me (and most of my friends) the answer was too damn easy. We first played by this riddle when we were in seventh grade... which was something like 10 years ago... O_o

I guess, you're saved from the trouble of posting the answer in the next post... :P

Rhea S. Villemain said...

Aez, i think the D0ct0r must be the b9y's m0ther. 0r else, th0se d0ct0r's might be the spirit 0f the b0y's father :) S0o sad.. Why did the father died?? :( huhuhuuuu...

The man said...

Ha ha, Oh, ok. It's his mother. I was thinking maybe the boy died too, and the doctor was God. "this is my son". It would make sense kinda.

Dr S. said...

Yes, the doctor is his mother. I have heard this one before, quite a long time ago, and I always remember it as I am a FEMALE doctor. I remember it as it indicates to me how the world is still so caught up in prejudices against women and their capabilities. Even now, when i am wearing my white coat and consulting with a patient - I get called "nurse" or "sister". I've learned to ignore it.

the mothership said...

ok, most people seems to know the answer to the if I may, can i correct your English?

...story I read IN a book...
...I had to think about IT myself...
...the father DIED at that point...
...the hospital he was carried TO had a doctor...

wasn't much to correct. I reckon your English is so good. and if I have done some wrong correction, I apologize. English is not my first language either...

your blog is so cool!!