Sunday, May 31, 2009

Riverside Walking

I had a walk around riverside.

People played baseball. So, I watched the game for a while.

A plane flew overhead. I looked up it. I found the moon.





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reyjr said...

should be "I looked up to it"

ur doing very well!

osman.saftari said...

nice photos..

อติลลา said...

Nice Pictures
I agree.

artemis said...
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CatsLoveChoc said...

i like the view of the riverside
i hope i can visit japan oneday!(can u bring me to japan? hahaha)

Nettie said...


Big Love Over Logic said...

The first photo is my favorite :)

AEZ said...

Thanks for your comments!

Punabuster said...

Your photos are great - are you using a wide-angle lens? My favorite is the first photo. My favorite caption is the third one. :) Your English is great! Some words are out of order sometimes but not too much. :)

Leffy said...

Nice pictures^^ I'm Thai. I don't know many Japaneses and I don't know many ones that is good at English; you are another one, I know now :D

Mojo said...

I like the first picture. I like natural scenes!
I request you to Post some more natural scenes.

Uncle Rob said...

That is a very nice picture. You would say "I looked up at it" or "I looked up to it".

profi edivaldo 2 said...

that is a nice picture!!!
how to pronounce: where were the ware?
if possible with the international phonetic code.

BuzzyG said...

Nice pictures !

I cannot give you advices about you're English, i'm french =)

maulani said...

I wanna see more baseball game! I wanna go to Japan!

BlUrOsEs said...

I love these pictures they are so clear!!! I like the of the road the most.
Your doing well with the whole learning to write english!!!! Keep up the good work so that you can help me when i come one day.

Zow13n@ Wi3neZ said...

hi I love your blog but I spotted some english errors such as;

people played baseball it's a lot better if u say people playing baseball.


I looked up it. I found the moon. In this sentence there are the wrong expansion maybe u should say i looked up and I saw the moon.

I hope my advice can help