Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Favorate

I like...

Beer, driving a car, reading books, internet, sleeping, cooking, eating, thinking, coffee, studying English, Kyoto, listening music, watching DVD movies, talking, telling jokes, Japanese culture, Japanese tradition, mysterious things,football (soccer), spring, summer, autumn, winter, taking pictures, drawing something, sound of rain, smell of wet asphalt pavement early raining, and more.




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dannie w said...

I think this kind of blog is a really good idea!
and like the smell of rain on asphalt too.

i'm studying japanese right now, but I havent got the skills to wright a blog.

btw Its called my favorite :P
you're doing a great job!

Peevish said...

Dannie meant to write that she/he hasn't the skills to write a blog.

I think you are smart and brave. We listen to music (not 'listen music').

My son is studying Japanese and I will try again very soon. We are happy to be moving back to Japan in July for two years.

kristine said...

what mysterious things do you like?

mindor said...

"driving a car" --> "driving" ("a car" is implied.)
"internet" --> "the internet"
"listening music" --> "listening to music"
"watching DVD movies" --> "watching movies on DVD" / "watching DVDs"
"drawing something" --> "drawing"
"sound of rain" --> "the sound of rain"
"smell of wet asphalt pavement early raining" --> "the smell of wet asphalt pavement after an early rain" (what is early rain? just wondering.)

overall, good job.
I also think you are very brave!

mercylcf said...

Keep it up AEZ...Practice makes perfect and there are others whose English isn't that great too...

So congrats for guts....

Ms. Kathy said...

Dear AEZ, you are doing quite well in your study of the English language. My daughter has taught herself Japanese. English is very difficult even for those who were raised to speak English as their first language. There are articles that are not used in Japanese. English is full of rules that have several exceptions. It is mixed with words which have origins in other languages and figures of speech that may not translate well. So you are very intelligent and brave to start this wonderful blog. It is an excellent idea for learning.Keep up the good work. I am a teacher so feel free to ask me anything. I don't know everything but I enjoy helping others.

abhi said...

its a very good idea . really innovative

Anonymous said...


頑張ってください!Good luck and all the best to you. :D

Jana said...

Dear AEZ, i love the way u write, from your heart...great way to learn /improve your English, keep it that way, your motivation is amazing!greetings, Jana

AEZ said...

Thanks for many comments, everybody!

To kristine
I like ghost story, urban legend, UFO, UMA and more.

To mindor
Thanks! Your correcting is very good for me.

Aethelflaed said...

I also love the smell of wet pavement in the rain. Your English is much better than many American's!