Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Sun, A Book and Beer

Today was also mecha hot.
In this kind of day, I thought so nice drinking beer outdoors.

Do you have any favorite place?
My one is a park near my apartment. I have often go there. I like reading a book on a bench.

So, I got to my favorite place at noon, with a book and, of course, beer!
It was so great drinking beer under the sun. Yeah!

You try too!

in the park

a bird in blue sky

sunlight through the trees

beer, iPod and a half-read book in English

my favorite bag and a towel as must-item in summer






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Bakkanekko said...

So peaceful!
Too bad we don't have many place to do those things ):

gaijinhodge said...


Robin said...

Very peaceful! My favorite place to be is a ravine with a cement path, dirt path, creek, trees and little bridges. I am in Canada and we are not allowed to drink alcohol in public places (but many do it anyway).

AEZ said...

Yes, you are too young for drinking. You should study hard, play more and be in love a lot, now.

What? Am I female? Well, if you like, may I show my balls and bat to you?

Ah... I reported your doing to the police.

DEEN said...

mmm... ive never tried drinking beer in the sun. even say, under a shady tree. but anyway, your favorite place looks so zen. i like parks and trees and... rain. not much of sun person.

Bakkanekko said...

hahaa~ I'm old enough for drinking here xD
it's legal for 17 years old (:
Tho I drink socially, I even share with my dad~ <3

gaijinhodge said...


Yodz said...

That is a very nice place. A nice book, nice bag, a cute baby towel and beers. What a great day!

Pauline said...

Maybe the bag looked a bit feminine. That's why it was mistaken for a woman's bag.

Not many males carry that kind of bag in other countries.

But, I like your idea of drinking beer in the park. I haven't tried that. I always drink at home, or go to bars, or my friends' house to drink.

Isn't it too hot for a beer?
Because I feel warm after drinking beer...

sitti said...

The park looks mecha nice!

thinktieng said...

yosh, what camera you use for the pictures?