Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Sound of Summer

The real summer came.
I know it because the shade became darker than before.

How do you forget the heat of summer days? An air-conditioner? A fan? A cold drink?
I use a
FU means "wind" and RIN means "bell". Furin is made with steel or glass and used hanging near the window.
The clear sound of furin give us the cool.

The furin brings us the real feeling of summer in Japan.





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gaijinhodge said...

I love metal furin, though glass ones make a dull sound that sounds incomplete.


Peevish said...

We call them wind chimes but I think from now on I will call them furin. Thank you for a very poetic post.

Wil said...

Great work, Aez!

Good grammar and writing skills are something anyone can achieve with hard work and regular practice.

Being interesting is something that cannot be taught. I guess you are just born with it.

Keep up the good work!


Wil's World of Words

Mysterious Mystery said...

Some said furin was somehow terrible.
In some horror movies, sound of furin indecated that ghosts were appearing.
One of my brother's acquaintance dropped his furin after hearing about this.

AEZ said...

Mysterious Mystery
Really? I've to drop my furin!