Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Sign of Summer

In Japan, there is a rainy season called "TSUYU" in Japanese. It's for around a month from the middle of June to the middle of July.
In fact, I recently had to take an umbrella almost everyday.
It's very very uncomfortable season, because it's very wet and hot.
So I hate tsuyu! I want to finish tsuyu as soon as possible.

By the way, the end of tsuyu means the beginning of real summer.
And, today, I found the sign of summer! That's this!

Yes, a cast-off skin of cicada! Cicadas tell us the summer comes.
I think the tsuyu will finish soon, and the summer will come.
Glaring sunshine, girls in bikini on beach, and sounds of cicadas...

But I don't like hot summer so much too...






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Petitbobun said...

Hi ! I wish I could go visiting Japan !
I didn't know that there's a kind of mousson in Japan. Now I know that, I'll planify my next holiday in august over there ! :)

jali free said...

hi walking and drop little $$mile for my friends:)

Dream Senshi said...

=^o0^= Cicada skins? I didn't even know that they left those!

We consider seeing a robin as a sign of spring here. :)

gaijinhodge said...

I'm guessing Ezozemi?

I always loved the cicada progression in Kyoto. If you didn't have a calendar, you could still tell when it was by the cicada (semi)

End of June/Beginning of July (Ezozemi)
July (Kumazemi/Aburazemi)
Mid July early August(Mi-mi-zemi)
August (tsukutsukuboshi)

Evenings (Higurashi)

My favorite summer memory was walking home and listening to the higurashi from the liquor store with a 6pack of Yebisu in expectation of watching a Hanshin game.

SlipStitchWitch said...

*screams in horror* that is the scariest BUG I've ever seen! I live in washington state in america this state we don't have anything that big and scary looking except some honeybees. In the state I live in we dont have anything poisonous

Luana Aldor said...

Hi, Aez! I'm living near the west coast of Black Sea. Glad to met you. I'm Luana and I'm following with my whole interest your posting. I'll be delighted to talk with you, so if you have time, I inviting you on . I have an excelent oppinion about Japanese peoples and I think a lot of Europeans are thinking in a same manner.
If there, in Japan, in the other extreme side of the world, is now a rainy season wich announce the real coming of the summer, here, after flying a half part of the world, the summer became very ...wet and could. IN THE SUMMER ! One day it rain from morning untill evening and, moreover, the whole night; the next day it don't rain.This actions rain/ no rain is repeating since a time, giving us a strange feel: are we in the summer or not? Maybe, an other season is becoming and we don't know that already. A new season is borning now. It wasn't a custom of the weather as in Japan, but this new kind of summer, is a normal outcome of the climat changes and of the holes in the ozone stratum.

thinktieng said...

omg, i want to go to the beach and watch bikini babe too....
drooling and imagining.....
i cant sleep well now...keep thinking of the bikini babe ^^

thinktieng said...

im adding,
cicada, i dont know if its true or not, if you catch one - only the black which they said is an old cicada or is it dark brown color?
anyway, if you catch one, turn it over and push its "butt" gently and you can see theres numbers under it. most here would do that and they buy the lottery number out of it ^^
i never know if its true because i never dare to catch one.
if you do so, please tell me if its true?