Monday, August 31, 2009

Purpose and Means

I had kept away from my blog for a while.
It isn't the reason that I worked hard, or I had no time doing something else. I didn't only want to writing.
Then why I didn't want to post? After thinking that, I understood the reason.

I started this blog in order to progress my skill of writing and reading in English, however, recently my posting was decreasing. Because I had been embarrassed to post my wrong writing, so I didn't want to writing.
Yes, the means changed the purpose before I knew it.

After this, I go back to the initial enthusiasm, I want to keep on writing even if it's ONE line and without being afraid to mistake.





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Айрин [Irina] said...

You took the right decision. As for me, my English is far from perfect, but your posts I understand quite well :))). So, keep on writing & don't pay attention to mistakes ;))

©Sherly said...

Kibishii dakedo, daijoubu yo :)

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, they are what make you improve! If you don't make mistakes, then you wouldn't improve, you know? :) everyone make mistakes.

Motto ganbatte ne~

Amber said...

yes, keep posting! i missed your updates while you were taking a break!

Petitbobun said...

Don't be afraid about what people can think about the mistakes you can make.
That's not important, is it ?
The most important thing is to try and improve your level !
You make the right decision !

小竹媽 said...

In my opinion, language is the bridge to communicate with others. If lots of people are able to understand what you posted, why not continueing posting? Do not be afraid about making mistakes.
keep writing, and do what you want is important!!


Charmskool said...

I really missed your posts. You must keep writing - your posts are very interesting and one only learns from ones errors so if you don't make any you don't learn.

Anonymous said...

AEZ, you made the right decision... Please Don't stop writing... you are almost there.... =)

sitti said...

Please don't be embarrassed by your mistakes. I can see that you are improving.

Your mistakes have got nothing to do with your writing. Your writing is wonderful. It takes me straight to the places that you go to and how you're feeling at that particular moment. I always look forward to your next posts.

Continue writing, yes?

AEZ said...

Thanks everyone.

I say "YES"!