Monday, August 17, 2009

The Unlucky Day

The summer vacation finished, and my work started again from today. Besides, I had to wake up at 5 o'clock! Because I had arranged to meet my business partner in Takasago city at 7:30, and I needed 1 hour half to get there from my office.

Then I reached our office at 6 o'clock and I went to the parking structure to get out my car. When I got there, the car lift kept raising up because of someone used. So I waited for a while. But it was silent. So I waited for a while again. BUT! It looked not moving even if I waited for hours!!
I was angry a little, so I called the driver loudly. "Excuse me! I have no time. I have to go right now!"
... No answer.

"Hey! Do you hear me? I HAVE NO TIME!"
... But no answer as well.

As I shouting, a few people used this parking structure came to get out their cars as well as me.
"What's wrong?" A young man asked.
"Oh... I've trouble. Someone keep using the lift for a log time. I can't get out my car." I answered.
"Well, let me watch what's doing." He said, and climbed an emergency ladder.
After a while, he came down on the lift. and he said us.
"Ah... He says... He can't come out from car why I can't understand."
"WHAT!?" we were surprised by his word.
Somehow the door will be able to be opened, and also windows. It just froze...

As the result, I spent for 30 minutes there. And I managed to meet my business partner at just 7:30! But... An another problem also waited me here.
When we were going to our client's office, he said to me. "Sorry, Mr AEZ. I had trouble."
"WHAT!?, TROUBLE AGAIN!!!???" I thought.
"I mistaked our arrangements. Maybe our client will get angry a lot..." He said.
His guess was exactly right! We were struck by thunderbolts of our client.

Besides, it was very very hot all a day. Today was unlucky day for me.







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gb said...

Sounds like the kind of crappy day that made me retire.

In English we only use 'from' and 'to' in specific constructions when talking about time spans. It would be more natural to say, 'I started work again today.' Not 'from today.' Actually, a native US speaker would be more likely to say, 'I went back to work today.'

Also, although it is completely logical to say 'one hour half,' in English we need a conjunction to join the hour and the half hour, so we would say 'one hour and a half.' 'One and a half hours' would be even better. I'm afraid I can't give you a logical reason.

Hope today is better.

Luana Aldor said...

Hi, Aez. Glad to read you again. I like very much your stories. And I can see you doing a lot of progress into english. Your vocabulary make me to be jealous. I will be happy that you glance, if you have time of course, in my blog.
I think that Gb have no idea what means to learn a forein language when you are a native japanese speaker. It's a hundred times harder. He can give lessons, but he never would know the beauty of this new window opened into a other world.
Dear Gb, you can't give us any explanation because you are not a teacher of foreign languages. If you should be a teacher, even a disciple in a foreign classroom language, you would be able to show us the logical reason of those manners to express the time in American english.

Chandler said...

It's just another day at work!

I love reading your stories, keep up the good work.

Learning English has to be painful, but push on bro!

Anonymous said...

What a horrible day! I do hope you don't have those too often. My son and I enjoy your posts very much, and have noticed how much your English has improved since you started blogging. I am sure it definitely helps you to read all sorts of books in English - perhaps you could find some good modern children's fiction in a library? For instance, if you know the Harry Potter books, by J K Rowling - you might enjoy those in English. When I used to learn Spanish I enjoyed reading children's books very much.
Oh - and your photos are superb too - please keep those coming!
best regards,
in Scotland

Anonymous said...

just keep on writing my friend.. =)

Sarah said...


Don't be unhappy.

What happens, happens for a reason. :)

gb said...

Luana Alder is right. I do not know what it is like to learn a different language as a native Japanese speaker; but I do know what it is like to learn Japanese as a native English speaker. I would suggest that they are comparable experiences.

My degree, earned about 40 years ago, was in English literature and composition, not linguistics. Being able to justify logically why a language's grammar does something does nothing to aid one in learning how to speak the language fluently. In fact, most linguists, who can explain logically why a language does something do not actually know how to speak anything but their native tongue.

I am not trying to explain the "Grammar Rules", which are usually wrong when you look at the way native speakers actually speak, but show AEZ how the language is actually spoken. Since, however, my efforts seem to offend others I will limit my comments in the future.