Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Are You Doing?

I'm in the summer vacation now. However I have no plan to go out somewhere or to do something. I've been at home everyday.
But it is NOT so bad. Actually, I like being at home. Reading books, listening to music, and watching DVDs. There are many things to do at home.
My recently favorite is "Twitter". Twitter is one of the social networking services and micro-blog services. And it's free.
Twitter ask us "What are you doing?". So we post what we are doing, thinking or feeling. But we can post only 140 characters on Twitter. Maybe I think you feel "only 140 characters?". But I think that it is good point. 140 characters is not short, but long than you think.
If you are interested in twitter, you can try it. Twitter will give you fun time.

Well, by the way, my ID is @A_E_Z. If you like, follow me please^^.




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turtled said...

Twitter! Yeah, twitter is fun ^-^

I usually spend my free time at home with my dog.

Bakkanekko said...

You gotta enjoy your time like that D: I'm busy with school and tests, and orchestra @.@ I need holiday haha..~
I'll follow you on Twitter! :D

Peevish said...

In the United States, Congressmen twitter when they should be doing their homework. Trying to express my thoughts in 140 characters seems like a worthwhile exercise.