Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sounds of Cicadas

Recently, it had not been so fine, but it was very fine today!
The sky was blue and spread over, clouds was white and stood high.

And cicadas were singing in chorus.
I thought this is really summer day.

By the way, do you know "HAIKU"? It is a kind of poetry and born in Japan.
I remember a haiku of "Matsuo Basho" when the summer came.

"shizukesa ya
iwa ni shimiiru

semi no koe

-the original in Japanese by Matsuo Basho-

"the silence,
sounds of cicadas
held into the rocks"

-translated by AEZ-






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Anna said...

We have cicadas here too. Since they're on seven year cycles, we haven't heard any this year. Last year they were quite loud though.

Petitbobun said...

It's only when I spend my holiday in south of France that I can hear cicadas singing. This sound reminds me that I really am in vacancy !

By the way, I already heard about "haÏku" (I sometimes read it in manga !).

Yodz said...

Although cicadas' singing were loud, it makes me sleep during campings.
They say it's hard to write haiku in English.
I will try it sometimes.

Ferdinando said...

You asked me if european language came all from the same stock. Yes, they all come from an ancient language spoken by Indoeuropeans, which originated Latin, Greek, German and Sanscrito.

Trish said...

i love haikus, i actually have a book with haikus in them, theyre so interesting, i enjoyed writing them during high school

Christian said...

Thank you for translating the haiku! The beauty really comes across the language barrier. I've taken many writing classes, and it's not uncommon for the instructor to make us practice the haiku or the tanka. I have no skill at them, but it is a good exercise.