Thursday, September 03, 2009

Memories of Summerdays

I like summer. Because it's the best season for beer!

By the way, over the summer, a strange sensation sometimes catches me and it always comes in the twilight. I can't explain the sensation well, but I try to do, it's the sensation like which "hope", "loneliness" and "nostalgia" mix.
I don't know why I have it. Maybe, I think that happy memories of summer vacation in childhood may get me up such sensation.

But it seems that the summer have gone away yet. I'll never feel that sensation until next summer.





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Charmskool said...

What a lovely post! I love summer too also for the smell of barbeque in the air in the evening (we call it braaivleis here). And yes beer tastes good in summer. I think I understand that feeling you get - I get a similar feeling myself. Now can you explain something to me. I was in Japan in September once, and it was soooo hot! I live in Africa and most people will agree it is very hot here most of the time, but I couldn't cope with the heat in Kyoto, Osaka & Tokyo yet all around me the Japanese ladies were wearing cardigans/jerseys and didn't look even a bit hot! How do they do it?

Petitbobun said...

I don't like beers but I love summer ! This year, it was a miracle : summer was really there (the last 5 years, I had the feeling that it was falls). Heat and sun, what a beautiful cocktail !!

AEZ said...

Oh, do you know that Kyoto is one of the most sultry place in summer?
And I think Japanese ladies protect the damage of their skin from ultraviolet rays.

Nikki and Jace said...

Keep on writing! never be ashamed of making mistakes after all that is how we learn!

Nikki & Jace

dogimo said...

I agree with you: summer is the best season for beer!

As to writing, the best way to learn how to write (in any language, even one's own) is to read as many well-written books as possible. There are subtle cadences of pace and phrasing that cannot be easily taught or explained, but that will seep into you as you read and provide a path for your own self-expression.

Always read with a dictionary, and look up any unfamiliar words!

Ferdinando said...

Lovely blog, I'm trying to learn English too with mine. Keep it up =) P.s. Smile, winter is the season for fireplace, hot chocolate and heavy covers!! And there's Christmas aswell!

fullet said...

I'm also learning English with my blog. It's great to know that you keep writing here and sharing your thoughts. Very nice post.