Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Big Project

I received an interesting mail last week. The mail was written about one project and I was very interested in it. So I introduce it on this post today.

The project is a name, "Castrol-1GO : Engine-driven free kicker development project".

Could you understand what the project is, after hearing the name? I couldn't understand at all. But fortunately a URL of this project's homepage was on the mail so I clicked.
My first impression when I watched the site was "What a silly try!". But after reading reports one after another, I knew the member of this project are very serious and I thought this may be awesome.

I can't still give a detailed explanation of this project in English, but I put it simply, they have developed the machine can kick a soccer ball. And at 200km an hour!

If you want to know about this project more, you should visit You will be able to read reports because they are written in Japanese and English.







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Pooka0712 said...

Wooow Technology these days. Sounds fun^^!

M.s.s said...

Wow !!!
whats the benefit of this speed???

Charmskool said...

Wow that sounds very interesting indeed. And you wrote about it very well. No grammar errors of note - except perhaps "what a silly try" not sure what you were trying to say. Otherwise yay well done!