Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Thing What I Want Now

I wonder which to change my cellphone. What cellphone? It's "iPhone".
I've been interested in "iPhone", but my carrier hasn't it. So I have to change carrier.
And there is an another reason I hesitate. It's "Black Berry Bold". In fact, my carrier hasn't "iPhone", but have "Black Berry Bold".
I've actually researched the both on the Internet, or in shops. I have the impression that "iPhone" is stylish and "BBB" is tough.
Which do you choose?



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Selenium said...

Black Berry... iPhone has a lot of issues... like you can only choose from a preset list as your ringtone... you can't download new ones...

And then iPhone being stylish is not good if you are a rough user... the BB will survive better. Also, BB has more functionality :)

iPhone is for style conscious people and hardcore Apple fans only.

©Sherly said...

Umm~ as a user of BB, I might be able to give you some feedbacks...

as what Selenium said, you can only choose your ringtone from the ones they provided you with. Also, the bluetooth won't function with other phones but other iPhones. But the good part is that the capacity of an iPhone is fairly large, and of course way larger than a BB and that iPhone is way more user friendly than a BB is.

BB, on the other hand, has its own plus and minus too. as a BB user, I found it kinda hard to use when I first got it. The phone camera (if you're into this kind of stuff) isn't as good as iPhone's, and sometimes it get kinda fussy to use, if you had just installed an incompatible application. The good part is that the bluetooth works with most phones, you can download ringtones and use it in a BB. However, even if you have internet connection in your BB, you have to install Flash player first before you can watch anything in any video streaming websites such as youtube, as the Flash player isn't installed by default, but I guess iPhone is that way too? :/

hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Corrections :)

I wonder if I should change my cellphone. What cellphone should I choose? I like the "iPhone". I've been interested in the iPhone but my carrier doesn't have it so I have to change my carrier. There is another reason why I am hesitating, it's the "Black Berry Bold". In fact, my carrier doesn't have the iPhone but they have the Black Berry Bold.
I've actually researched both on the internet or in shops. I have the impression that the iPhone is stylish and BBB is tough. Which would you choose?

I'm an English teacher, hope that helps you!

Petitbobun said...

I've got the Iphone and I think it's a good one. This cellphone is really stylish and fun. It's more a technologic toy that a real cellphone for me.

I've got some colleagues who use the BB and say that the best cellphone ever.

I don't know if my comment helps you or not... Hope you will choose the good one for you !

Miss Reith Jerevinan said...

Yeah! I agree! I want iPhone too!
But actually BB is good too.. but just about the size that is too big in my iPhone!

Bakkanekko said...

iPhone, totally.
In my class there are like 5 ppl have it, and a dozen or more in other class, made me sick of BB : P

The Blog Comment Authority said...

you go choose for phone now? i curious for you take which, yes!

many happy phone-time!!!!!!!!!

Anna said...

iPhone, totally...because of the applications you can get.

thinktieng said...

im having the same problem too, deciding for a black berry or iphone.
im still thinking, cos i dont have much to spend, hope i make up my mind asap ^^

Dávid said...

I don't know the last thing about cell phones but I would like to point out a grammar mistake in the title of your post. The 'what' in the title is unnecessary and wrong. The correct title would be: The thing I want now. If you feel that you really need a pronoun use 'that': 'The thing that I want now'.'What' as a pronoun means 'the thing(s) which'. Use 'what' after verbs. For example,the sentence 'I will buy what I want' is grammatically correct.

I hope it helps and I hope you will be happy with the new phone.

Dávid said...

Or another possibility: 'What I want now' :-)

WIl @ Wil's World of Words said...

The iPhone has a better camera and loads of apps that are great for bloggers.

There are loads of great apps for learning languages, too.