Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Typhoon Will Come!

Typhoon calls another name in another area. I heard it calls cyclone, hurricane or willy-willy.
The typhoon comes near Japan now. TV news says it will be one of the strongest typhoon since starting weather observation, AND it will strike Japan directly!
Typhoon is expected to strike Kinki area where I live on 8th... I fear the big accidents will happen by typhoon.

But,but... I don't know why, as typhoon comes near and near, I feel excited!

This photo from "weathernews"

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台風は、僕が住んでる近畿地方に8日に上陸するって予想されてる・・・ 台風での大きな被害が出なければいいがと心配してるんだ。

でも、でもね・・・ なぜか分からないけど、台風が近づけば近づくほど、わくわくしてくるんだ!


gb said...

Typhoon (or Typhoons) are called another name in other areas. I've heard them called cyclones, hurricanes or willy-willys.

The noun 'typhoon' can be plural, but a native speaker would most likely add the 's'. When speaking of something in general you use the plural case. Using the singular would mean you are saying this specific typhoon is being called hurricane in other places.

Also, 'another' refers either to one more instance of the same kind of thing (A typhoon hit here yesterday, and now they say another one is coming.); or, a little more rarely, to a specific additional instance out of a group of items. ("Another area where they are called typhoon is Thailand.")

Good luck on the 8th, and stay safe!

mindor said...

WHAT? Who calls it a willy-willy? That's so funny sounding.

"I don't know why, but as the typhoon comes nearer and nearer, I feel more and more excited!"

Please stay safe Mr Sakata!

Wil @ Wil's World of Words said...

Stay safe and get some supplies in.

Айрин [Irina] said...

No doubt, you're a thrill seeker :) Still I hope the typhoon will pass by.


how are you? It's passed the typhoon?