Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Early Bird Catches The Worm.

I was very busy on Thursday and Friday. Thursday, It was 23:00 over when I came home, and yesterday, it was 0:30.
I have to give a presentation to my client next Wednesday, therefore I was making its data with coworkers.

Today, it was 11:30 when I waked up! Ah... My morning blew up. When I wake up late in the morning, I think making a loss.
After that, I had a breakfast (lunch?), washed clothes, cleaned my room, studied English, watched TV a little, went to market and book store. When I came home back, it was 16:00. I felt I did nothing today, and lost a day.

But, next Monday is a holiday in Japan, yeah! I still have 2 holidays.
I get early in the next morning! Maybe...

Thank you for many comments on my birthday post. Your comments made me so happy!

Oh, and I still stay alive after typhoon.








Alia Liverpool said...

good.u're alive.i kind of concern about you when i read that an old man died during the typhoon. :)

mindor said...

when I waked up --> when I *woke* up
I think making a loss --> ??
I get early in the next morning --> I will get in early tomorrow morning
for many comments --> for the many comments
I still stay alive --> I am still alive / I stayed alive
after typhoon --> after the typhoon (articles are tricky!)

glad to know you're still alive =)

Wil @ Wil's World of Words said...

Nice expression. I agree, the early bird does indeed catch the worm (most of the time). Actually, I explained the expression in detail in this article a while ago.

Good luck with getting up early!