Sunday, December 06, 2009


Where are my recent posts?

I should have written a few posts in November. Why aren't they here?
I certainly got some comments for their posts. Why??




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Bakkanekko said...

Have you checked your 'edit post'? Check it, maybe some post are hidden or anything :O

AEZ said...

Yeah, I've checked it, but there is no post...

Kat said...

I post a comment on your former article about car license.

Although the article was disappeared, I am looking forward new one^^

Dávid said...

'I should have written' means 'I didn't write and I'm sorry about it'. You probably mean: 'I surely wrote' or 'I did write' or something like that.

Actually there was a post here for a few days in Nov. It was about a driving license. Then it just disappeared.